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Experimenting to Create Meaningful Impact


We’re an Innovation Lab delivering integrated services and solutions in Product Strategy, Operations, Analytics, & Software Development. With specific focus on Technology, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Financial Services companies, we combine human-centric design frameworks with data insights to manifest the concepts that are key to adding meaningful value to your organization and its downstream customers.

Accelerating Innovation

Our Services

Product Management

Product Management


We use human-centered design thinking to turn concepts into products and services. Whether it’s building out additional functionality or taking a full product or service offering to market, we’ll help you wherever you are along the journey.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Project Portfolio
Management (PPM)

We partner with you to deploy, operate, and enhance your PMO, tailoring a PPM framework to take your operations to the next level. We help your organization manage project constraints to complete initiatives on time, on schedule, and within budget.


Business Process Management (BPM)

Business Process
Management (BPM)

We assess your current processes, identify and prioritize gaps and opportunities for improving efficiencies. Then, we work with you to design a target-state roadmap, implement solutions, and monitor, analyze, and report improvements over time.


Business Intelligence & Analytics

Business Intelligence
& Analytics

We enable analytics-informed decision making. Leveraging top industry tools and techniques for analyzing data to describe and predict business performance, we discover opportunities for increasing revenue, cutting costs, and streamlining operations.


Technology Solutions


Whether your company wants to introduce improved enterprise systems’ functionality, develop an web or mobile application, or take on a full transformation to upgrade core technology, we have dedicated software engineers to support you.


Transformation & Change Management

& Change Management

As you shift strategic and tactical direction to adapt to market conditions, we help your organization stay nimble by continuously monitoring and managing changes to people, processes, governance frameworks, technologies, and culture.


People & Organizational Development

People & Organizational

Without people, the show cannot go on. We help you assess, structure, deploy, manage, and improve your organizational development practices to enable your company to deliver more effectively, whilst improving team dynamic and performance.


Professional Staffing


Team building is at the core of what we’re all about. If your organization is looking for some helping hands, we have dedicated specialists, with experience across numerous types of projects, ready to collaborate and add value to your business.

Achieve Clarity Through Experimentation

We believe the only way forward is by embracing an iterative innovation process. Only by adopting a test-and-learn mind-set, can companies drive top/bottom-line growth. At Concept Key, we specialize in designing targeted, high-learning business experiments aimed to build products and solutions in an Agile framework. We rapidly test these experiments to glean cycles of validated learning, that way, we know, we’re adding maximum value to your employees and downstream customers, every step of the way.

Call us an Innovation Lab, a Think Tank, a Research and Development Center, an Incubator, or a Dev Shop, our main focus is to empower your business for iterative innovation and realize the ideas and concepts that will move your business forward.

Previous Engagements

Our Work

  • • Conducted primary and secondary end-user research via interviews, qualitative surveys, workshops, and industry reports to understand how Brazilian Millennials engage in Banking and create an ideal customer experience that serves their needs and wants

    • Liaised with Data Science and Engineering teams to compare and contrast quantitative data on customer’s usage and engagement with existing products and services with qualitative data from primary research on customer experience

    • Determined go-to-market strategy to design, build, and implement a new UI/UX Retail Banking platform targeted at Millennial customers

    UI/UX Retail Banking Platform Brazilian Bank
  • • Project managed a $170k risk mitigation effort raised from U.S. OCC Article IX consent order involving data profiling (statistical analysis for accuracy, timeliness, consistency, completeness, & integrity), data lineage (graphical representation of technical metadata), and data reconciliation (verifying accurate flow of records among systems)

    • Collaborated with Engineering division on creation of the project definition outline, business and functional requirements documents, solution analysis & design documents, as well as, the change & implementation roadmap

    Data Quality for International/Domestic Private Bank Tier 1 Global Bank
  • • Collaborated with Currency Transaction Reporting stakeholders and Legal Compliance Officers to determine an optimal approach to introduce more comprehensive filtering features and aggregation functionality to currency transaction reporting software

    • Strategized product build and vendor engagement approach; developed an Agile project management plan, coordinated with project stakeholders to ensure deliverables were on track and that risks and issues were identified and remediated

    Secondary Account Holder Data Aggregation Tier 1 Global Bank
  • • Planned sprints/coordinated release management by resolving items-for-remediation in a new Anti-Money Laundering software integration involving validating, tuning, and optimizing the monitoring of rules for Institutional Annuities as well as Retail Brokerage & Insurance to enhance control and efficiency of daily operations

    Annuities, Retail Brokerage & Insurance Model Validation Tier 1 Global Bank
  • • Devised business case and financial pro forma outlining how Tier 1 U.S. Bank can enable business revenue growth in lending and deposits, improve product time to market, increase operational stability, and augment customer engagement, while reducing cost and complexity of Core Banking Technology

    Core Banking Technology Transformation Tier 1 U.S. Bank
  • • Piloted new lending system integration aimed to improve daily workflow for ~300+ employees; prioritized product requirements and features by troubleshooting system incidents, as well as escalating/triaging defects and enhancements

    • Prepared procedures/training materials and educated stakeholders on transition of daily operations to new Loan Origination System

    • Streamlined global deployment metrics and systems' information gap-analysis reporting for weekly presentation to senior leadership

    Private Bank Securities Based Lending Automation Tier 1 Global Bank

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

– Ancient Proverb

We’re in this together. Let’s go far. We genuinely care about the clients we serve, on both a professional and personal level.

What We Believe

Our Values


One solution does not fit all. We tailor our approach to fit your specific business needs and wants.


Our team is always thinking, strategizing, and taking action to continuously challenge the status-quo.


There’s always room for improvement. We strive to offer a better customer experience everyday.


We’re transparent, set clear expectations, and don’t promise anything we can’t follow through on.


Relationships are paramount. We aim to be genuine, objective, responsible, honest, and always put our clients’ interests first.


In every engagement, we ensure that value > cost. We won’t settle for anything less than what was agreed upon.

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